We have 2 high capacity models to install upstream of the hose and a multi-jet filter.

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✔ Our Classic shower filter requires a free space of at least 3.5cm between the wall and the axis of the tap thread.

✔ Our LS model can be installed on almost all fittings with a 15/21 thread.

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✔ Our multi-jet shower filter adapts to all hoses, the filter material is in the handle.

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We use 100% KDF® (an alloy of 50% Zinc and 50% Copper) as the filter material in our shower filters.

KDF® acts as an oxidation-reduction medium to reduce chlorine to chlorides. There is a small increase in Zinc and copper in the water. For this reason, we only use this product in shower filters and as a pre-filter for our osmosis units.

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